Our Programs

Social Recreation Program

Supervised weekly Wednesday evening activities for individuals with an acquired brain injury.All participants are to meet at the BIAQD office by 5:30pm and return at 8pm.This program gives the opportunity to rebuild life skills, social skills, independence, confidence, self esteem, develop friendships, cognitive & social skills and increase physical activity in the community.

Activities can include dining out, movie night, playing pool, bowling, hiking and/or nature walks.

Caregivers Group

Monthly Caregivers meetings are held on the second Thursday, 1pm at RCBIS office, Quinte Mall for caregivers/family members that are affected with brain injury individuals.

Peer Support Mentoring Program

For people living with ABI

The Peer Support Mentoring Program for people living with ABI connects an individual who is a “veteran” in living with the effects of Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) with a “Partner” who is coping with a similar ABI-related situation and is in need of support from a knowledgeable friend.The program is available to survivors, family members or unpaid providers of care.
Mentor/Partner matches are based on similar experiences, demographics and personal interests. The program is offered through local brain injury associations all over Ontario, making it possible for people to participate wherever they live.

The Peer Support Mentoring Program for people living with ABI can be a great way to support efforts toward recovery, and complements professional services.Mentors and Partners talk by phone or email so they can arrange a convenient time and can participate from their own homes.

Artistic Expression

Weekly Art class for members

Artistic Expression is a new program to the association. The Program offers members the opportunity to learn new art techniques. Local artists are featured for a six week period. The class meets every Thursday from 1-3pm at the BIAQD office.

Computer Class

Bi-weekly computer class for members

BIAQD is offering our members a bi-weekly computer program! Bring you computer, tablet, cell phone or other electronic devices. Let our facilitator use his years of experience to help you learn the tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your device. The class meets every other Monday from 1-3pm at the BIAQD office.

Fitness Class

Weekly fitness class for members

The Brain Injury Association Quinte District is excited to bring back its weekly fitness class, taught by local fitness instructor, Vicki Legate. The class will be held in the BIAQD office every Wednesday. It will incorporate a mixture of Yoga and Pilates. We have had a huge success with this class in the past and look forward to running it in again. This class is for all skills levels, from beginners to advanced. There is space for everyone to participate!
Vicky’s website www.pureenergystudio.ca

Knitting Circle

Weekly Knitting group for members

The Knitting Circle has been working hard at a array of projects to help members throughout our community and beyond. Currently they are knitting Cuddle Caps for babies at our local hospital. Come join a group of supportive knitters and help your local community. This program is held every Monday morning from 10am-12pm.

Music Program

Our new music program meets Thursday morning to listen, learn and play music. The facilitator of our program, Jeff Durish enjoys music and sharing it with others. He is a great guitar player, pianist and loves to sing. He hopes that you will come and play music with him and our members as they prepare to perform at our upcoming holiday party of December 18th.

Potluck Art

This self directed group of members from BIAQD, are currently designing and creating a large variety of
cards. There are beautiful hand crafted card for many of the upcoming holidays as well as a variety of special occasion cards. Come join this weekly group as they create cards and spend time sharing creative

Lunch Program

Movie Day

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